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WordPress Plugin Set Up

Integrate lazy-loaded, pixel-perfect, highly optimized images to the most popular CMS in the world.

Set up your TwicPics domain

Create your TwicPics account

If you don't have one, you can easily create your TwicPics account here for free.

With your brand new account comes a subdomain akin to <sub>.twic.pics that should has been created during the onboarding process. All your media will be delivered through this domain from now on.


Connect your TwicPics domain to your WordPress website

This manual operation will be automated in future versions of the plugin.

In your back-office "Domains" section of your Workspace, click on the Create path button.


A panelwill open, in which you must set both Path and Source URL to the URL of your WordPress website.

For instance, if your WordPress website is located at https://www.my-website.com then Path should be set to https://www.my-website.com and Source URL should also be set to https://www.my-website.com.


Click on the Save path button located at the bottom right of the panel window. The newly created path will appear in the list of paths.

To check if everything was set up properly, find the URL of an image on your wordpress website, prepend https://<sub>.twic.pics/ to it (with <sub> being your actual subdomain), enter the result in your browser address bar and your image should appear.

For instance if the URL of the image on your wordpress website is https://www.my-website.com/wp-content/uploads/picture.jpg then entering https://<sub>.twic.pics/https://www.my-website.com/wp-content/uploads/picture.jpg (with <sub> being your actual subdomain) in your browser address bar should display the image.

If this does not work, retrace your steps. If you still can't figure out what went wrong, feel free to contact us using the chat box on the bottom right of this very page.
If you have several WordPress websites, just repeat the operation for each one. A TwicPics domain can held as many paths as necessary.
Read more about paths configuration.

Keep the TwicPics back-office open or copy your TwicPics domain name somewhere: you will need it when configuring the Plugin in the WordPress admin area.

Install the Plugin

Install the TwicPics for WordPress plugin just like you would any other WordPress plugin.

Plugin Settings

If you have any other image optimization plugin or any lazy-loading plugin installed, please disable them before moving forward.

In your WordPress admin area:

  • navigate to your WordPress Plugins page and activate the TwicPics plugin,
  • navigate to the TwicPics for WordPress settings (there is a link at the top level of your WordPress admin menu and in the Media submenu),
  • fill the TwicPics domain text box with your actual TwicPics domain,
  • click on the Save Settings button.

Congratulations! You just have enabled lazy-loaded, pixel-perfect, highly optimized images on your WordPress website.

Advanced Settings

We recommand not to mess with advanced settings unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Max width of images

Default value: 2000

Makes sure no image generated by TwicPics for WordPress will be larger than the given value.

Using a lower value than the default could severely decrease the quality of the images on your site.

Step for image resizing

Default value: 10

You can change this value to get as close or as far from a pixel-perfect resizing as desired:

  • lowering it to 5 would potentially double the number of variants requested,
  • lowering it to 1 would be pixel-perfect all the time,
  • adjusting it up to 1000 would greatly reduce the number of variants but would stress the scaling algorithms of browsers more.
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