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TwicPics empowers web professionals with exceptional tools to create and deliver state-of-the-art web experiences. Our promise is to deliver the best possible online user experience through faster site speed for customers and optimized content quality for each and every one of their end-users.

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How TwicPics was born

A solution built by developers, for developers

For years, the web struggled with image performance issues. We ourselves scouted for services to alleviate the pain but none seemed to address the problem in its entirety. To us, such a service had to:

  • Handle the server-side part automagically: ideal compression, optimal caching policy, fast processing, fast delivery, etc.
  • Integrate transparently into our front-end workflow and respect web standards.
  • Not mess with our storage strategy.

We finally decided to develop our own solution. Today, TwicPics is available to the public as a service online. We incorporated the company in 2019 when at the Station F incubator and we are now operating from our very own offices, located 64 rue du Dessous des Berges, 75013 Paris, France.


Our partners

50 Partners
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Station F

Company values

We want everyone to have a voice: our customers, their end-users, our partners and our team members. Our very goal is to move the web forward together and develop the best solutions for everyone involved.

Stay at the bleeding edge

Our team members share an undying love of the web. We strive to learn continuously and to stand on top of the curve. We build future-proof tools at the highest level of quality.

Business intelligence and pragmatism

When we impact your business positively, we impact our business positively. We make rational decisions based on facts and numbers. We test, we analyse, and we summon the best possible solutions in the process.

Listen and respect each other

Today's web involves experts with very different views and objectives that can find themselves at odds. We build tools that make it easy to say “yes” to one another, for a better web, together.
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“Make the web as wide as the world, the web everyone deserves”

Meet our team

  • Florent Bourgeois

    Florent Bourgeois


  • Julian Aubourg

    Julian Aubourg


  • Xavier Baldacci

    Xavier Baldacci


  • Marc-Henri Spiess

    Marc-Henri Spiess

    Head of Sales

  • Eloïse Martin

    Eloïse Martin


  • Benjamin Zerbib

    Benjamin Zerbib


  • Camille Adamczyk

    Camille Adamczyk

    Business Developer

  • Vincent Daniel

    Vincent Daniel

    Office Manager

  • Lucas Plissonier

    Lucas Plissonier


  • Benjamin Arné

    Benjamin Arné

    Customer success

  • Daniel Engels

    Daniel Engels

    Head of growth

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