Supported formats


TwicPics only recognizes AVIF, GIF, HEIF, JPEG, PNG, and WebP files as transformable images. In the case of unsupported file formats, the default behavior is to return an HTTP 415 error.

Ideally though, we recommend using original high-quality JPEG images. Your optimized images will benefit from the best ratio between quality and weight.


TwicPics accepts all formats of your original videos.

We recommend that you use the MP4 format for your original videos. Encoding performance will be better.

Other file types

By default, TwicPics only handles images and videos.

However, by activating the passthrough feature, you can allow unsupported files to pass through unaltered. This means you can use your TwicPics domain to deliver CSS or JavaScript files and take advantage of the TwicPics CDN. There is obviously a limit to the size of such files, but it is plenty enough for web usage.

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