Domain Configuration

Learn how to setup domains using the TwicPics dashboard.

A domain is a collection of paths. Domain paths map two URLs:

  • An output URL — where optimized assets will be served from
  • A source URL — the storage where the media will be retrieved from

Taking the example of the domain:

  • If / points to
  • Then will point to

TwicPics domains

In each workspace domain section, you can configure a subdomain under the TwicPics domain:

Create a TwicPics domain
Create a TwicPics domain

You can choose any subdomain you like, pending availability.


Custom domains

You can set up custom domains of your own (using custom CNAME).



Connecting your domain requires adding two CNAME records.

  • Use a domain that you own
  • Use a sub-domain like
  • Root domains, e.g. (without the www), are not supported
Custom domains are available for Business and Enterprise customers.

Create a custom domain

In the workspace domain section, open the dropdown menu "create domain" and click on Create Custom domain :

Create a custom domain
Create a custom domain
Validation and generation of each CNAME can take several minutes.
Using multiple environments? Check our Multiple environments pattern .
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