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How to deliver optimized and perfectly sized media directly from Akeneo PIM to your websites

This guide will walk you through the process to deliver optimized media from Akeneo PIM to your website for a better UX and improved SEO thanks to TwicPics.

How to deliver optimized and perfectly sized media directly from Akeneo PIM to your websites


In today's digital world, website performance and user experience are critical factors in driving organic traffic and achieving high search engine rankings. A significant contributor to website speed is media optimization. Therefore, it's essential to deliver optimized images and videos to your website visitors to ensure an excellent user experience.

In this article, we will explain how to use TwicPics to deliver perfectly optimized media directly from Akeneo PIM to your websites. We will guide you through the process, from connecting your Akeneo PIM to the TwicPics app to understanding your setting (workspace, domain, and path), and integrating TwicPics with your front-end development team.



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Why connect TwicPics with Akeneo PIM?

By using TwicPics to optimize your media, you can improve your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines like Google favor fast-loading websites, and media optimization is a crucial factor in achieving a fast loading time. By delivering optimized images and videos, TwicPics can help improve your website's speed, which can, in turn, improve your website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic to your site.

You can define your PIM as the source of your assets in no time using the TwicPics App. With TwicPics, you only need the original image or video from your PIM, and the end-users will never see it: instead, our service delivers real-time optimized, perfectly sized, and device-adapted media from a location close to them through a worldwide CDN.

With TwicPics App, you can seamlessly optimize images and videos directly from your PIM to the web thanks to the URLs created on the fly by TwicPics, resulting in seamless media workflow, enhanced website performance, and an exceptional user experience.

Using TwicPics App for media delivery and optimization

Connect your Akeneo PIM with the TwicPics App

  1. From your Akeneo PIM interface, click on Connect page.
  2. Click on App Store.
  3. Search for TwicPics in the APPS section.
  4. Click on Connect button: you will be redirected to TwicPics Sign Up page, after going through the Akeneo authorization process.
  5. Create your TwicPics account.

That's it. Your TwicPics account is now set up and ready to use.

Understand TwicPics back-office and set up: workspace, domain & path

Your PIM is now connected to TwicPics and the configuration has been generated automatically for you! But let’s dig in.

Your first Akeneo workspace has been added to your favorites list. Click to open it.

Here is your workspace ready to use. It contains a first domain that we have also added to your favorites list. Click to open it and discover your first Akeneo path.

Your first path is now functional, and if desired, you have the option to modify its functionality by selecting the 3-dot icon button and adding features such as watermarks or default transformations.

Once complete, you can begin to distribute your visual assets through your newly established domain, with serving as your PIM's designation.

If you wish, you can rename the automatically created workspace and domain to your liking.

If you already have a TwicPics account, contact us once the application is connected. We'll take care of configuring your existing account.

Create TwicPics Akeneo domains

In your My Company Akeneo workspace, in addition to the classic TwicPics domains, you can create Akeneo domains which will be automatically associated with your PIM. They are identified by the Akeneo logo.

All TwicPics paths you create in an Akeneo domain are automatically configured with your Akeneo PIM domain as the Source URL and are ready to use.

From now on, you can begin integrating and optimizing your Akeneo PIM images to your websites and apps with TwicPics. You can also quickly access all the solution’s features for images and videos optimization.

Integrate TwicPics in collaboration with your front-end developer team

You can now display your images and videos on the web thanks to the URLs created on-the-fly by TwicPics. But this is not all of it, the solution has way more to offer!

Your front-end team might be surprised...

  • You can rely on our Quick Start Guide to help you integrate TwicPics Native in HTML5.
  • If you are using JS Framework(s) like React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Angular… Make sure to check the TwicPics Components.

You can also contact our team through the chatbot if you prefer to schedule a demo.