STEAMULO is a Digital & Data Factory that implements tailor-made web and mobile technology solutions, from design to development.

For them, more than competence alone, complementarity and synchronization are essential to the success of a team. Their technologies and tools maximize the added value of your business expertise. Combine your talents and get out of the box to take up challenges that match your ambitions!

Their projects are built with the latest and most stable technologies. Their teams are trained to develop in a secure, high-performance way and with a concern for maintainability over time.

Their services are the following:

  • Consulting: Change Management, Digital Strategy: Audit, Analysis, Benchmark, Customer Experience, Management, Communication
  • Software design: Brainstorming and ideation, Design Thinking, UX/UI design, wireframes, personas, prototypes and user tests, Technical architecture, data model
  • Software development: Software for computer, tablet or smartphone, Advanced technologies, connected objects, Business calculations and algorithms, Online payment, electronic signature
  • Data analysis: Data centralization, Real-time management dashboards, Report extraction, analytics monitoring, Big Data, Predictive AI
  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud-based implementation, High availability, scalability, security, backup & monitoring, automated DevOps processes
  • Application maintenance: Monitoring of application changes and patches, Support and Reactivity, Business Continuity and Recovery Plan

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