Magnetic is providing long-term support to businesses, NGOs, and local communities in the design and development of customized digital solutions (websites, business tools, mobile applications...) based on open-source technologies.

Located in Paris, they are a multidisciplinary team of about twenty experts in consulting, UX/UI, web development, maintenance, and hosting. They also specialize in project takeover, website audits, and provide training in their areas of expertise.

Founded as a cooperative (Scop) in 2010, Magnetic has chosen the cooperative model. They have opted for an alternative work framework based on fair power and wealth sharing.

As a Scop, their employees are not simply informed but actively participate in the company's strategy. Successes are not individual but collective, and profits are shared equitably among all employees.

They have completed hundreds of projects, ranging from small to highly ambitious ones, which have fostered strong and lasting relationships between themselves, their clients, and partners. They take great pride and strength in this.

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