3W Consulting is specialized in the transformation of the customer experience and business models, using technology to capture and analyze data.

From the e-commerce website era, we have moved on to the mobile first era and are now entering the artificial intelligence and assistance era.

This technological revolution opens a period of unprecedented innovation that is supported by:

  • The massification of data: Analytics, Big Data, Visualization, IoT...
  • The emergence (and deployment) of new technologies: Cloud, Machine Learning, Deep Learning...

These evolutions require a profound and rapid repositioning of companies and organizations. The teams at 3W Consulting are convinced that this will inevitably involve the transformation of the customer experience and, in parallel, the transformation of their clients' business model.

They therefore help their clients to master these new challenges to ensure today's growth and to imagine tomorrow's models through:

  • Customer experience transformation: rethinking customer interactions to design memorable experiences
  • Technological mastery: using technology to capture and analyze data and signals
  • Business model transformation: adapting organizations, rethinking the innovation cycle to guarantee growth

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