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About Studio Meta

Founded in 2009, Studio Meta is a digital agency with a human touch. Based in Strasbourg and Paris, the agency now has more than 30 passionate people with various profiles: digital strategists, UX experts, traffic managers, project managers, designers and developers.

Recognized in many fields such as culture, luxury, design, gastronomy and tourism, Studio Meta assists all types of structures in the design of an innovative digital strategy, the development of their digital tools (websites, ecommerce platform, extranet, etc.) and traffic acquisition.

Several times rewarded, the agency distinguishes itself through meticulous and fluid realizations. Discover a selection of their references.

The challenge

Facilitate the integration of visual content

Studio Meta attaches great importance to innovation and particularly to the optimization of the user experience. However, the growing diversity of usage contexts makes the task complex when it comes to integrating visual content. If Responsive Design is now the keystone of any front-end development, the integration of images and videos remains the tricky and tedious subject to address. Developers, graphic designers or the CMS offer a number of variants to find an acceptable compromise between quality and performance. It is then up to the front-end developers to make the most of these variants to offer a quality experience to all users.

Recruiting young talent within the agency is also a challenge. The teams must train each new recruit on the best practices for integrating visual content. A complex, time-consuming task with little added value for the developers.

Finally, clients who choose Studio Meta for their TPAM (Third Party Application Maintenance, projects maintained over the long term: updates, bug fixes, feature evolution, etc.) are expecting performance score results that the teams must meet within a given timeframe.

The agency was therefore looking for an easy-to-integrate solution that would allow them to improve the experience of their developers (DX) and not worry about images anymore. After testing Cloudinary and its deterministic approach - creating transformation rules from the resize API - Studio Meta was looking for a front-end solution that better met their needs and turned to TwicPics.

The TwicPics solution

Deport the complexity of media management

Studio Meta has a wide expertise and masters several CMS such as Wordpress, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Drupal, Shopify, but also PHP frameworks like Laravel and, JS frameworks like Vue.js. TwicPics being an agnostic solution, it adapts to all technical stacks and integrates easily into all the agency's projects: whether on a legacy environment or in modern frameworks.

Thanks to TwicPics, developers no longer need to worry about integrating visual content on clients' sites. One less problem for more time devoted to high value-added missions!

Images and videos are recalculated in real time, their weight is reduced and lazy loading is automatically taken care of. The result? Web performance is better on sites where the solution is integrated and customer satisfaction is higher.

The results

Better DX for better webperf and UX

As a digital agency, TwicPics helps our developers optimize the performance of our clients' websites with just a few clicks and lines of code. For us, the solution has been a real game-changer!

Titouan Mathis
Technical Director

The deliveries are up to the objectives set and the customers expectations. Thanks to the integration of TwicPics, web performance scores are immediately up on LumApps platform.

On the TIPTOE project, the problem of integrating images is solved and their management is simplified. During TPMA, the solution is automatically adapting the content uploaded by the customer, and offloading its servers from the 10 formats of the same visual usually stored.

Alerts on incorrectly sized images raised by Google are easily corrected and all visual content indicators turn green. They have observed a significant gain, especially on the Core Web Vitals.

When it comes to addressing web performance issues on new projects, Studio Meta integrates TwicPics directly into the design of the site itself.

On the contrary, when the TwicPics solution is not part of the redesign project, the agency spends many days discussing media management, a cross-functional topic within the teams. Designers, back-end and front-end developers, and project managers all meet to discuss media size, storage, and integration.

The feedback from the agency's developers on the solution is also positive: it is easy-to-integrate and they are relieved from the media management. They no longer waste time integrating media on the sites and can focus on other missions. Their value is where it should be!

Moreover, more junior developers can reach the same level of performance and have a rendering as relevant as more senior developers, ensuring the agency's expertise and brand image.

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