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L'Oréal Finance reduces the carbon footprint of the Annual Report website with TwicPics


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Billion euros in sales in 2021, announced by L'Oréal group
First digital version of the L'Oréal Annual Report

About L'Oréal Finance Annual Report website

L’Oréal’s eco-designed Annual Report looks back at 2021 with a focus on five key themes—inclusive beauty, responsible beauty, innovative beauty, Beauty Tech, and beauty performance—and reveals an array of day-to-day ways in which the Group pursues its purpose: “Create the beauty that moves the world”. Available in three languages - French, English, and Chinese, the Annual Report welcomes visitors from all over the world.

The L’Oréal Annual Report website is part of a three-year sustainable web design plan.

The challenge

Eco-design the 2021 Annual Report website

L'Oréal Finance has set ambitious goals for the Annual Report website. The team wants to implement the highest standards to curb the site's environmental footprint while offering its users an optimal browsing experience. Following an analysis of the website in 2021, the team had to find new solutions in order to reduce the carbon consumption of Internet users.

One of these levers is the weight of the media. Visual content is essential in the beauty industry and for L’Oréal’s brand image; however, it remains the most energy-consuming asset. But how can media weight be optimized while maintaining the same high visual quality?

The TwicPics solution

Efficient teamwork for an eco-designed site

TwicPics has been identified 2 years ago as the solution to deliver optimized assets in terms of weight and visual quality. The solution was already in use on over 200 corporate websites worldwide thanks to a collaboration with L'Oréal Website Factory and was seen as an interesting solution in line with their ecodesign challenges for the 2021 Annual Report. It was subsequently endorsed by the L'Oréal Finance team's trusted and long-standing partners Epoka & Volatil.

Before using TwicPics, 6 variations were created and integrated for each image on the site. This time-consuming task for the artistic direction, and the developers is now over thanks to the TwicPics solution, which automatically generates the right media and resolution for each user. This optimization takes into account the user context - device, browser, and connection - and the CSS guidelines of the page.

Thanks to TwicPics, image compression provides the best trade-off between quality and size for the user's device. The loading of the pages of the website, including images, has been modified to be progressive while the users browse the site, limiting consumption to their actual needs.

The project was carried out under the direction of Leslie Azria Abijmil and Epoka. Epoka accompanied L'Oréal Finance in the choice of solutions and closely monitored the integration of TwicPics by Volatil.

The results

Better web performances to reduce the website carbon footprint

We apply the best standards and constantly seek to innovate to deliver the best experience to our audiences. To do so, we rely on trusted partners who provide expertise and guidance to complete large-scale projects such as the Annual Report.

Leslie Azria Abijmil
Digital Financial Communications Manager

TwicPics has contributed to the reduction by half in the average page load time. With the savings in bandwidth on multimedia content, the site consumes less energy each time it is browsed.

In the first year of implementation, the 2021 Annual Report site was awarded a very good score of 68 out of 100 in the EcoScore test (powered by a trusted third party tasked with calculating and recommending the scope for optimization for this report), placing it among the top 10 best-rated sites. Compared with the 2020 Annual Report, this website shows a +25% improvement regarding this indicator, with a -48% reduction in page weight for comparable content.

The development of this eco-designed site is part of the L'Oréal Group's CSR approach.

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