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Gens de Confiance reduces the file size of uploaded images with TwicPics

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About Gens de Confiance

Created in 2014 by Nicolas Davoust, Enguerrand Léger and Ulric Le Grand, Gens de Confiance is a website that features exclusive, secure classified ads for transactions between individuals.

Its signature listings are for long-term real estate leases, vacation lodging and personal services. The platform, which can be accessed through the company's website and mobile apps, has more than one million members.

The challenge

Reduce the size of uploaded images and the carbon footprint of servers

The Gens de Confiance website is packed with images because the brand aims to offer the best possible visual experience to its users.

However, the file sizes of the many images uploaded by members and by the platform itself were a real obstacle to delivering the ideal user experience. The overall performance of the company's website and apps was also quite adversely affected.

Gens de Confiance was also mindful of the energy consumed by its servers and was looking to reduce the carbon footprint of its platforms.

The TwicPics solution

Optimize all images and perfectly adapt to each user

More than half of the traffic to Gens de Confiance occurs on smartphones. This is a real challenge for many brands, including Gens de Confiance, for whom mobile is a core piece of the business strategy.

But the task of posting images is made even more complex by the variety of formats, devices and connection modes, which is why Gens de Confiance decided to enlist the help of TwicPics.

Because it is able to fully grasp the user context and the page being viewed, TwicPics now optimizes all images on Gens de Confiance, whether they are uploaded by the company or by its users, and renders them with flawless visual quality, perfectly compressed and adapted to each site visitor in real time.

The results

Faster page display times and lower bounce rate

TwicPics enabled us to leverage the latest innovations in optimized formats, including WebP, without any development effort on our side. It was a huge time saver!

Charles-Axel Dein
VP of Engineering - Gens de Confiance

Since adopting the TwicPics solution in the summer of 2020, Gens de Confiance continues to achieve great results. Thanks to TwicPics, 76% of image traffic is now delivered in WebP format on its website and apps, which considerably reduces their file sizes.

One month after launching the collaboration, two seconds had been shaved off the average page load time and many business KPIs were positively affected, including a 78% reduction in bounce rate.

The brand recognition and strong growth enjoyed by Gens de Confiance mean that TwicPics is delivering more than 8 TB of optimized images per month to the client's platforms. In concrete terms, that amounts to a 75% reduction in image traffic, which makes a real difference in slashing the carbon footprint of the company's servers.

In addition, Twicpics enabled Gens de Confiance to improve its online listing creation funnel, so the brand has dramatically accelerated the time to view images uploaded during a client session.

According to Charles-Axel, VP of Engineering at Gens de Confiance, TwicPics has made it possible for his team to take advantage of the latest innovations in image formats, especially WebP, without any development work on their end. That spared them a significant workload, so they could focus on other tasks.

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