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Envie de Fraise

Envie de Fraise upgrades its images quality and website performance with TwicPics


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In the maternity fashion industry
Digitally Native Vertical Brands pioneer in France

About Envie de Fraise

The ROSA Group is made up of brands that are leaders in their business segments: home linens (Linvosges & Françoise Saget) and maternity fashion (Envie de Fraise). These iconic brands showcase French creativity as they innovate and passionately advance the group's know-how in decorating, fashion and omnichannel commerce.

Founded in 2006 by Anne-Laure Constanza, Envie de Fraise is the first fashion brand in France that was developed exclusively on the internet. In the span of 15 years, Envie de Fraise has established itself as the leading maternity brand with collections designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond.

With its innovative business model, this bold digital brand was able to win the trust of banks and investors to become a DNVB pioneer in France.

The challenge

Simplify image delivery without compromising on visual quality

For a DNVB like Envie de Fraise, image quality is crucial. Visual content engages internet users, captures their attention and makes them want to buy. But it is important to deliver internet-adapted content, or else risk seeing noticeable impacts on site performance and bounce rate.

Ensuring visual quality without sacrificing performance proved very challenging to marketing and IT teams at Envie de Fraise. How should they resize and compress images while ensuring perfect legibility?

They used various tools and softwares to publish photos online but with very little automation. The process was time-consuming and occasionally led to mistakes or oversights. The approach also had its limits, especially on the website's home page, where it was impossible to compress the main banner since the text embedded in the image would become harder to read.

In an effort to tackle these challenges, they tried out a new software solution. But, following a 24 hour service outage, the teams had to hastily remove the code and were in need of a new way to optimize their images that would be effective and reliable.

The TwicPics solution

Quick integration and technical support

In late 2019 and after having surveyed the market for a suitable solution, Envie de Fraise opted for TwicPics. The developers received on-site assistance from the TwicPics engineering team for a quick integration phase.

After a month-long Proof of Value (PoV) period, in line with the brand's "Test & learn" philosophy, the results proved conclusive and the collaboration formally began.

The Envie de Fraise developers applaud the availability and valuable assistance of the TwicPics team, whose reachability and attentiveness helped instill trust throughout the PoV stage.

The results

Uptick in performance indicators

Thanks to higher quality visuals and optimal performance, we were able to obtain better business results for the Envie de Fraise site. That led to our decision to use TwicPics for all the ROSA Group's brands!

Clément Candelier
UX & Digital IT Director - ROSA Group

The post-integration results were meaningful. The visual quality was so much better that people were heard musing, "The images are too good for such small file sizes!" And yet the media file sizes had indeed been reduced. Envie de Fraise tested the TwicPics integration on Dareboost and all its performance indicators had improved.

In addition, mobile traffic generates 80% of Envie de Fraise's business, which makes it a strategic channel for the brand. The Envie de Fraise marketing and IT teams no longer have to produce specific images for each device and each browser. The creation of all media versions is now outsourced to TwicPics, which generates 20 to 50 variations of the same image depending on the users’ devices. The impact on mobile performance is considerable and Envie de Fraise no longer has to worry about the heterogeneity or complexity of mobile terminals.

It is difficult to evaluate the exact impact TwicPics has had on Google Analytics indicators because the brand made various other changes to its site. According to Clément Candelier, Digital IT Director for the ROSA Group, TwicPics was a major contributor to the increase in business KPIs: the conversion rate is now at 3.5% and even reaches 10% during promotional campaigns.

The solution is going to be extended to the entire ROSA Group and will be deployed at Linvosges and Françoise Saget in 2023. The goal is to pool ecommerce skills and processes in a Jamstack approach while making best-of-breed selections to build the three websites on the same architecture: Sylius for the back end, Prismic CMS and TwicPics integration on Bynder DAM outflows with Netify on the front end.

Focus on Sylius

For this project, Envie de Fraise chose the open-source headless PHP framework Sylius as its back-end solution. Entirely based on Symfony, this ecommerce framework has a unique positioning on the market and allows addressing custom needs in a best-of-breed approach. Sylius can be used to connect no less than fifteen different bricks, ranging from payment to customer service, including customer feedback modules, a PIM and an ERP.

To learn more about Sylius and how it can help you build your future ecommerce ecosystem, visit the website.

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