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Dayuse optimizes the performance of its website with TwicPics

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About Dayuse

Interested in booking a hotel room for a few hours during the day to work in peace, relax or just get away from it all? You can, thanks to Dayuse and its endless possibilities.

Dayuse allows customers to make their dreams come true, whether they long for a hotel with a pool, an air-conditioned room with a hot tub or a splurge lunch. There's something for everyone.

With its guaranteed best prices, flexible reservations and free cancellations up to the last minute, Dayuse is a key player in the hotel business with 7,000 partner hotels in 25 countries around the world.

The challenge

Optimize performance and manage images with a front-end solution

Dayuse's web traffic is evenly split between Europe, the United States and Asia, where the majority of visits are from Hong Kong and Singapore.

Images play an important role in customer conversion in all 25 countries where the company operates, but unoptimized photos make for data-heavy pages that slow down the website.

The marketing and technical teams at Dayuse know that it's crucial to deliver the best possible user experience around the globe, so they decided to focus on optimizing media content to improve page load times, bounce rates and SEO. The work was initially entrusted to Thumbor, a smart imaging service.

Thumbor's open-source solution generated seven different formats for any given image, but the Dayuse team's analyses revealed that its performance problems had not been solved: display times were still unacceptable because the pages contained too much data.

The staff had to constantly choose between performance and visual quality, trying to find the most palatable compromise.

Because performance is more dependent on the browser than the server, it is trickier to tackle. To address its performance issues related to image optimization, Dayuse began looking for a simple solution it could integrate on the front end of its website. The solution had to be able to help Dayuse with responsive image processing while providing great visual quality on all types of screens, including retina screens.

The TwicPics solution

Rapid integration of the React component in the new website

In early 2021, Dayuse embarked on an ambitious plan to overhaul its website. When it came to a new solution to optimize the site's images, the team chose to try its luck with TwicPics.

At TwicPics, one of the core missions is to make it easy for developers to integrate the solution. With that goal in mind, the TwicPics team has developed components that work with the various JavaScript frameworks (Vue/Nuxt, React/Next, Svelte) used in the diverse technical environments of company websites and that meet their ongoing need to simplify and accelerate production launches.

Dayuse wanted a simple integration solution, so the company chose the TwicPics React component, which saved it a considerable amount of time in its website makeover.

On mobile apps, the images are integrated directly via the TwicPics API, which also enables full management of all possible versions of the original images.

Thanks to TwicPics, the Dayuse team can easily manage responsive images on the website and the app, regardless of the user context.

Over time, the TwicPics image optimization solution generated enough data for Dayuse to use Google Analytics to assess the positive impacts: number of reservations on the website, number of repeat visits by app customers, time elapsed between a user's initial visit and booking, etc.

These metrics mean that Dayuse can quantify how integrating TwicPics affected the ROI of its website and the app.

The results

Better image quality, Core Web Vitals and SEO

We launched a new app without TwicPics and it had significant repercussions on our performance. One hour later, we re-integrated the solution!

François Raballand
CTO - Dayuse

Dayuse saw immediate benefits as soon as TwicPics was integrated.

First, the 2000×2000-pixel images provided by Eiko in flawless color are now processed on the fly. Because they adapt automatically to the user context, their visual rendering is better and site visitors no longer have to wait to view the content. The user experience was instantly enhanced.

As for the website's ranking, TwicPics helped Dayuse achieve promising results on Core Web Vitals by Google, simultaneously improving its SEO.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) were among the many factors that got a major boost. In fact, because TwicPics enabled Dayuse to improve these two indicators, the company's website performance is now optimal. It offers an ideal user experience to all its potential customers throughout the world.

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