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We've closed a funding round to keep building responsive images as a service

TwicPics has raised €1.2 million to keep building their responsive-image-as-a-service platform and save the internet from web bloat

We've closed a funding round to keep building responsive images as a service

I’m delighted to announce that TwicPics has recently closed a seed round of €1.2 million. This support has not been restricted just to funding, as the advice and encouragement we’ve received has been truly humbling. It is important to tell you all about why we’ve raised these funds, who is involved and how together with our team they’ll help TwicPics deliver on our vision of saving the internet from web bloat.

First, we’re incredibly happy and proud to be supported by 50 Partners, Holnest (the family investment vehicle of Jean-Michel Aulas) and experienced Angels. They join our previous supporters Wilco, Lafayette Plug & Play, Station F Founders program and HEC Incubator. This diverse group of incubators, advisors and entrepreneurs have an enviable track record of supporting French growth businesses. Their investment and backing means we can tap into an ever-expanding well of knowledge and grow our network by basing ourselves at both Station F and the 50 Partners co-working space, the Loft, in central Paris.

Secondly - and perhaps most important - we would not have been in the position to raise these funds if we had not been supported from day one by our existing customers. Those that have believed in our product and been there from the beginning will always be our top priority.

Since our inception, my co-founders Julian, Marc-Henri, Xavier and I have wanted to deliver a product that simply and easily solves a huge SEO issue and a constant pain for back and front-end web developers: that of images. Whether too large, badly sized for the device and page or slowing down page load times, images can be a nightmare for digital and SEO professionals. We’ve fixed that. With a lightweight product and unobtrusive code we’ve delivered on our promise to future-proof image delivery for web businesses and their users. We’ve found a bunch of great companies to believe in our product and make use of it from day one, including 20 Minutes, La Provence, French Football Federation, Camaïeu, Le Coq Sportif, LVMH and L’Oréal.

Now, we’re looking to grow beyond these global French businesses and deliver even more for current and future TwicPics customers.

In the coming months we’ll be adding:

  • Integrations with CMS and ecommerce platforms including Wordpress and Magento. This will mean that almost anyone, through a simple plug-in, can immediately experience the benefits of lightweight code and responsive images.

  • Video capabilities. In addition to images of all sizes and formats, TwicPics will be able to adapt short videos for any size on any device. A huge technical challenge for product teams will become simple with TwicPics.

  • Analytics including business metrics. This will allow our customers to quickly deploy image changes, deliver a better experience for users and make data-driven decisions to drive conversions and revenue.

If you’re a TwicPics investor or customer, we thank you. If you’re not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more about us and how our software can help boost your site.