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TwicPics joins Frontify: The leading brand management platform

We are thrilled to announce that TwicPics is joining Frontify and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

TwicPics joins Frontify: The leading brand management platform

We are thrilled to announce that TwicPics joins Frontify, the leading brand management platform. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide an even stronger and unified solution for companies’ digital asset management and delivery needs.

Frontify, a Swiss cloud-based platform, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for digital asset management (DAM), Brand Guidelines, and project workflows. With offices in Switzerland, the UK, and the US, Frontify has already established itself as a trusted partner for thousands of prestigious brands worldwide, including Uber, KIA, and Microsoft.

Here is our perspective on this acquisition:

  • Our mission remains the same. Our mission has always been to empower web professionals with exceptional tools to create and deliver state-of-the-art online experiences. With Frontify, our commitment to this mission is reinforced, as we can now deliver an even greater product by leveraging the technologies and expertise of both our companies.
  • Enhanced customer care. We have always gone the extra mile to satisfy our customers, and by joining forces with Frontify, we will take a huge step further in providing better onboarding and customer care through the combined resources and dedicated teams of both companies coming together.
  • Unified collaborative platform. Our ambition is to provide an end-to-end global solution for storing, managing, and distributing digital assets. We aim to bring your content contributors and IT teams together through a unified collaborative platform, simplifying workflows and creating a better collaborative experience for everyone involved.

This collaboration aims to elevate your efficiency and deliver enhanced value to organizations. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together.

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Who is Frontify?

Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform for creators and collaborators of brands, connecting everything (and everyone) important to the growth of your brand. With Frontify, you can centralize every image, video, logo, icon, or other brand asset in one place. You can create digital brand guidelines to organize and showcase your brand. Plus, Frontify makes it easy to streamline collaboration across teams with project workflows, design templates, and more. For more information, visit

What does this mean for me as a TwicPics customer?

The acquisition will bring significant benefits to you as a customer of TwicPics. By joining forces, we can leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies to deliver even more innovative and comprehensive solutions. Customers can look forward to enhanced products, expanded services, and an improved overall experience.

Will there be changes regarding the service coverage and the pricing policy?

No, you will continue to use TwicPics just like you do now, on your current pricing plan. TwicPics customers will get the same excellent service, but now with lots of opportunities ahead! Stay tuned for more details on how you can benefit from this exciting addition to our team and TwicPics.