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An interview with Dayuse: TwicPics for a better UX and SEO

TwicPics meets Dayuse. 1 day at the hotel, 1000 possibilities; thousands of images, one optimization solution—TwicPics!

An interview with Dayuse: TwicPics for a better UX and SEO

Dayuse, an platform to book hotel rooms for a few hours with an infinite number of experiences, is using TwicPics for media optimization. They answered our questions about using our solution.

Can you say a few words about Dayuse?

Dayuse is a service that offers you 1000 possibilities to book hotel rooms, to relax or work in peace. This makes it a key player in the modern hotel industry. Everyone is sure to find their ideal room in one of the 7,000 partner hotels in 25 countries.

Web traffic is evenly divided between Europe, the United States and Asia, with a large proportion of visits coming from Hong Kong and Singapore. At Dayuse we are committed to providing the best visual quality and online performance to all of our customers worldwide.

What problems have you encountered on your website?

We are aware of the importance of delivering the best possible UX. In fact, Dayuse's marketing and technical teams have focused on media. If images are more engaging to users, they have a greater impact on page weight and website performance.

We were therefore faced with a problem of image optimization, which led to an increase in the bounce rate, a long loading time and subsequently, poor SEO. While looking for a compromise in image weight and quality, the teams always ended up choosing one over the other.

After changes to the site's configuration, and analysis with Dareboost and Web Page Test, we decided to focus on our website front-end to solve our performance issues and thus looked for the most effective way to address this problem.

How did the collaboration with TwicPics start?

The redesign of our website took place in 2021, and that's when our teams turned to TwicPics. The solution corresponded to what we were looking for. A responsive image processing that guarantees the quality of the images on all types of terminals.

Did the collaboration go smoothly?

Absolutely! The ease of integration of the solution allowed us to accelerate the redesign in React. In addition, since the integration was completed, the TwicPics technical team has developed standard components that further simplify the work of our developers.

What has been the impact on your users' experience?

Today, users don't wait to access content, so by improving our loading speed TwicPics has allowed us to have a direct impact on our UX. he solution allows us to have convincing results on the Core Web Vitals and therefore a better SEO.

Indeed images play a crucial role on LCP, Largest Contentful Pain, and CLS, Cumulative Layout Shift. By improving these two indicators, we were able to offer an optimal UX to our users and boost our website performance.

We also use TwicPics on our application by generating all image variations through the API. The importance of the solution in our technical stack was highlighted in July 2021 when we launched a new app without TwicPics, and we had a huge impact on performance... An hour later the solution was integrated again!

A warm thank you to François Raballand, CTO at Dayuse, for his time and trust.